Excellence Guaranteed
Follow the care and installation instructions and finish your door in strict accordance with the sealant manufacturer’s recommendations and Classical Doors will guarantee your door against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years.Natural colour and grain variations in timber are not considered to be defects and we make every effort to match components within the door.Minor shrinkage and swelling of components is a normal characteristic of timber and varies with seasonal humidity. Minor warping or twisting up to 6mm can also occur normally and is not considered a defect.We trust you will enjoy your door for many years to come.

Warranty Claims
Doors must be checked carefully upon delivery for any damage or manufacturing fault. Any damage must be noted on the proof of delivery docket and reported immediately to warrant any claim against damage.Any other claims must be made before any hanging, sizing, or cropping is done to the door.In the unlikely event of DOOR FAILURE, Classical Doors will, at our discretion, repair or replace the door, freight paid both ways.Classical Doors will NOT COVER ANY COSTS FOR REINSTATEMENT of a door, ie. re-glazing, re-painting, or rehanging.


+ or  2 mm for length, width or thickness+ or – 3.0mm for squareness (maximum difference between diagonals)
+ or -4mm for warping on doors at standard height and up to 860 wide
+ or – 5mm for warping on doors up to 2400mm high and 1280mm wide
+ or – 6mm for warping on doors 2400-2500mm high and 1280-1400mm wide

Oversize Doors

Classical Doors Ltd does not warranty doors oversize doors, and they are built at owners risk, Oversize Doors hung doors are considered over 2400 high  and over 1000 wide,  Oversize sliding doors are over 2500 high and over 1400 wide